How Dwell Was Founded

CEO and Founder, Shane Kidwell was introduced to lending in 2009 when he was still a full time firefighter in the Seattle area. As he would say, “any good fireman, had a second job!. 

Shane realized he loved the life of an entrepreneur and quickly began to build his reputation as a local lender and business professional. As he grew he took on new roles, admittedly made many mistakes and ultimately learned a ton. As a fireman, team was always important and he carried that belief with him in his business career. His team is an embodiment of the communities they serve and he is proud to call them all friends. 

Never one to sit and let dust collect on his shoes he worked tirelessly to build his brand and business. Quickly reaching Top 1% Originator status, he held that distinction for 6+ years until he stepped back from personal production. During that time, he retired from the fire department and knew he needed to replace his lost pension. He went on to purchase several rental properties, build a custom cabin in Suncadia, launch several short term rentals, invested in apartment syndications, purchased an insurance company, launched a mortgage specific coaching company and became a 40 Under 40 award winner. BUT… his greatest achievement was becoming a dad. 

After experiencing the retail mortgage industry (Independent Mortgage Banks) as an LO, Branch Manager and Executive he knew that he wanted to design something outside the norm. 

In January 2023 his brand dwell Mortgage, officially became Dwell Mortgage LLC, a private mortgage brokerage licensed in 6 states with goals to expand. 

Why Dwell?
The name “Dwell” was chosen to signify more than just a mortgage; we’re about helping clients find a place to “dwell” in comfort and security, referencing back to Psalms 91.

The Broker Advantage
Unlike traditional retail mortgage companies, being a broker allows us to compare over 3 dozen lenders. This is vital for offering a truly competitive price, any and every product needed, and service levels we would expect if we were the consumer. 

Client-Centric Approach
Traditional mortgage companies either offer a “cheap rate” with subpar service or great service, unfortunately at a premium price. Our model allows us to tailor options specifically to each client’s needs. This puts you the consumer in the driver’s seat.

Shane Kidwell

NMLS 200950

Our Beliefs

We focus on three core values to ensure you can operate with agency. 

We Care About People, Not Excuses.
This industry is challenging and you deserve the best no matter what. 

Handle Hard Better.
Life isn’t easy, it can be easier when we become people who can handle hard things better.

Outwork Opportunity.

Professionals outwork their current environment. They appear “lucky” to others. 

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